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Daylighting Services is a division of Tanteri + Associates that provides daylighting and sustainable design services for a variety of architecture jobs and modern interior designs.

Our mission is to bring high quality daylit environments into mainstream building design. We believe daylit buildings that feel good to be in, perform as intended, and that use low or no energy, hold the greatest chance for sustainability.

We understand that buildings must not only fulfill and occupant's expectation of natural light and view, they must also use low or no energy and minimize our impact on the environment. At the same time, daylit buildings must strive to provide many other benefits such as increased productivity, higher sales, enhanced learning, as well as improved mental and physical health.

The most effective daylighting designs happen when planning for daylight begins early in the design process. Ideally it is when a building is sited, formed, and fenestrated, but daylighting systems can also be retrofit into an existing building. In all cases, the use of daylight and occupancy responsive electrical lighting controls are critical, as is commissioning to verify all systems are working according to design intent.

Training follows to ensure occupants are able to maintain and operate the building systems. Lastly, monitoring for energy usage allows comparison of actual to predicted performance and allows for further optimization.

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Matthew Tanteri,


Design Principal

Matthew's path to becoming a daylighting consultant was direct. His early career in lasers and light art led him to architectural lighting design where he found his path to becoming an internationally recognized specialist in daylighting systems. For Matthew, daylighting design is a marriage of art and science and forms the cornerstone of sustainable design.